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Rizwan Ali Resident

Proficient Procedures is a life saver
I believe in lifelong learning and Proficient Procedures is a great place to start. I bought the Lumbar Puncture procedure and learned a lot and recommend it to all my friends. Great place to learn from an expert!

Max Turner Medical Student

Must-Watch procedures
The instructor is not only a great doctor, but also an outstanding teacher. He goes straight to the point in each of his procedures. I got the pack of 6 and would recommend anyone in the medical field to get them. I believe these procedures are a must watch and once you see these you really wont forget them!

Lara Luqman Nurse Practitioner

Great Experience
I got the central venous catheterization procedure and having almost no knowledge of it prior to taking the procedure, i believe i can now even implement it. He goes in a lot of detail with how CVCs are placed under the skin and into a large central vein. No regrets.

Nick Woods Physician Assistants

The Thoracentesis Procedure was really great and added a lot more to my knowledge. After seeing this procedure i feel more confident about performing it. He very thoroughly explained each detail. I intend on getting the rest of the procedures as well. Thank you Doctor.